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Nonprofit Mission

Flow Institutes nonprofit mission is to support the research and development of psychedelic therapies and their potential for healing.

Flow Institute Nonprofit is dedicated to expanding awareness and access to psychedelic therapies through research and strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals.

Where We Are Headed

We are currently working on an initiative that will provide scholarships for veterans, EMS, front-line workers, and survivors of suicide loss communities.

In collaboration with our partners, we conduct research and develop diagnosis-specific protocols, including how various entheogenic medicines apply in mental healthcare.

To support healing and recovery, we are designing immersive group retreats that nurture mental wellness and offer personalized guidance and support.

Support Our Work

Help transform research, education, and access to psychedelic assisted therapies by donating to our work.

Featured Nonprofit Partners

Flow Integrative is the flagship provider for Enthea, the nation’s first and only psychedelic healthcare administrator.

We have key partnerships with groups serving the Veteran, First Responder, and Emergency Medicine communities.

To learn more about Flow Institute and our work, connect with us!

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