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Meet the Team

Christi is the Founder and CEO of Flow Integrative Ketamine

Christi Myers

M.S., EMT-P, CEO, Director, Founder

Christi Myers holds a Bachelor of Science degree in public safety and a Master of Science degree in leadership.

Her career began in 1999 and includes serving several agencies from the Department of Defense, American Medical Response, Life Flights, San Bernardino County Fire and Sheriff Department, and the Department of Justice. Throughout her early career as a paramedic, she concurrently taught as an adjunct faculty member for the emergency medical services program at Victor Valley College. She was elevated to assistant professor of emergency medicine, earning tenure in 2019, and is the assistant director of emergency medical services.

In her role with the Paramedic/EMS Advisory Committee, she has developed programs such as an accelerated hybrid paramedic program that incorporates the shift-based needs of full-time working firefighters to the successful completion of the paramedic program; creation of EMS high fidelity simulation; creation of distance education online paramedic program and virtual skills.

She understands firsthand the unique, invisible, and cumulative toll of witnessing indirect human trauma as demanded of emergency response personnel daily and the few methods of support available for the well-being of these professionals.


Dr. Stroh graduated from the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California medical school. He is board-certified in emergency medicine, and brings more than 30 years of experience serving hospitals in Southern California to Flow Integrative Ketamine. He currently practices at Palmdale Regional Medical Center (PRMC) and is the Department Chairmen for Emergency Medicine.

He serves as a member of the medical executive committee serving PRMC, which acts as a representative of the medical staff. The committee proposes change and enacts policies, procedures, and other items in an effort to improve patient care and medical staff structure. Through his career in the emergency room and working in conjunction with emergency responders, police, fire, and paramedics, he has a genuine understanding of the unique stresses they experience on the day-to-day job and has become involved as a consultant medical director for the California City Police and Fire Department.

John Stroh is a doctor and partner at Flow Integrative Ketamine

Dr. John Stroh

MD., FACEP, Partner

Colette Sinclair

MA, Ph.D Clinical Psychologist, Integral Health (ABD)

Colette Sinclair brings vibrant enthusiasm to her work with people, exacting “mental wellness” as the treatment standard. She provides a tailored approach to the treatment of individuals, incorporating mind body strategies and eastern methods and philosophy, to support the mending of fractured personalities after loss, trauma, or mood dysregulation.

Colette has dedicated her career to the pursuit of effective treatment strategies, and incorporates such in a holistic model that leads to psychological, emotional, and energetic health. She has worked in a variety of professional settings including educational, penal, medical, and private practice.

Ms. Sinclair’s primarily focus is on treating psychological disorders with nutritional compounds and optimizing brain performance. Specializes in integrative medical mental health, and is internationally certified in mindfulness and meditative practices. She is currently completing her PhD in Clinical Psychology with Emphasis in Integral Health and is accelerating alternative treatments in the field of mental health, including facilitating healing with entheogens.