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Dr. Stroh graduated from the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California medical school. He is board-certified in emergency medicine, and brings more than 30 years of experience serving hospitals in Southern California to Flow Integrative Ketamine. He currently practices at Palmdale Regional Medical Center (PRMC) and is the Department Chairmen for Emergency Medicine.

He serves as a member of the medical executive committee serving PRMC, which acts as a representative of the medical staff. The committee proposes change and enacts policies, procedures, and other items in an effort to improve patient care and medical staff structure. 

Through his career in the emergency room and working in conjunction with emergency responders, police, fire, and paramedics, he has a genuine understanding of the unique stresses they experience on the day-to-day job and has become involved as a consultant medical director for the California City Police and Fire Department.

John Stroh is a doctor and partner at Flow Integrative Ketamine

Dr. John Stroh

Chief Medical Director

Christi is the Founder and CEO of Flow Integrative Ketamine

Christi Myers


CEO - Director - Founder

Christi Myers founded Flow Integrative® in 2020 with a mission to normalize psychedelic therapies for growth, symptom reduction and overall wellness for all. Christi recognizes the global mental health crisis and has a clear vision to “help the help” by providing supportive services for front-line workers and service men and women who face chronic and complex trauma in their line of work.
Myers’ career began in 1999 where she served several agencies including the Department of Defense, American Medical Response, Life Flights, San Bernardino County Fire and Sheriff Department, and the Department of Justice. 
With experience sitting in the front row, Christi understands firsthand the unique, invisible, and cumulative toll of witnessing indirect human trauma daily, as demanded of emergency response personnel, and the few methods of support available for the well-being of these professionals.
Graced by grit, and fueled by gratitude, Myers and the team she has formed share a desire to help mankind and to lift us all up to drive us forward as a conscious collective.


Michael DeMarco, PhD, is a licensed psychotherapist and clinical sexologist in practice for the last 20 years, working in private practice, academia, community mental health, and training/supervising counselors and therapists. DeMarco is passionate about increasing access to mental health for marginalized communities, and through following the research, began in earnest to specialize in psychedelic assisted psychotherapy in 2021.

Dr. DeMarco founded The Psychedelic Institute of Mental Health and Family Therapy in 2022 after training the previous year at MAPS for MDMA-Assisted Therapy, and a combination of trainings and experientials through Satori Health & Wellness, Healing Realms, Modern Spirit, SoundMind, and Fluence. DeMarco is currently training with the California Institute of Integral Studies in their Psychedelic Research and Therapy program, as well as with Going with Grace to begin offering death doula services and animal-assisted interventions.

Dr. DeMarco uses an existential approach based on cognitive behavioral therapy to help you prepare for your medicine journeys, integrate the experience into your daily life, and give you a solid set of tools to use for life after treatment. 

Michael DeMarco


Ashli Bryant


Ashli Bryant, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, received her Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University in 2010.  She has been working in crisis intervention settings for the past 11 years and came to Flow Integrative® from the Emergency Room at Palomar Hospital.

Through her experience in the traditional medical based models she prioritizes guiding her clients down the path to wholeness through the practices of healing and integrating all parts. Her processes include shadow work, healing parental and childhood attachment wounds, ego dissolution, and reprogramming belief systems.

At Flow, Ashli helps individuals through the preparation and integration phases with psychedelic medicines, spiritual growth,  crisis emergence and healing. Ashli uses a variety of therapeutic approaches that take into account mind, body and spirit. Her tools include energy medicine, embodiment, visualization, journaling and breathwork. 

“Our biggest moments of crisis, when worked with appropriately, are our greatest sources of personal growth and transformation,” she states, “I often challenge the medical model paradigm, & instead help clients recognize and tap into the innate healing potential and wisdom that each person possesses within.

Lauren Kroeber supports the Flow Integrative staff in an administrative and scheduling role. Her background is a varied adventure, from which she pulls skills, tact and pieces of intellect to support the vision of planetary consciousness healing.

She received her Bachelor’s in Journalism from Arizona State University and uses her writing craft and passion for storytelling to weave the digital creative of Flow and its mission for friends and followers. Her administrative background supporting a traditional Western Psychiatry practice taught her deep lessons about holding space and supporting mental health clients wherever they may be along their journey.  Through that experience her passion for alternative methods of mental healthcare was further cemented. 

She is currently working to obtain her Master’s in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling from Naropa University.

Lauren Kroeber

Client Experience

Nicole Bartzak

Certified Trauma-informed Yoga Instructor

Nicole Bartzak is a Trauma-Informed E-RYT 500 and KRI 200, with additional training hours in Yin and Energy Healing.

Nicole got her first 200 hour yoga certification (YTT) in 2012 in India, and then proceeded to move to the Amazon for four years working at a renown Ayahuasca center and supporting others on their journey through her roles as Communications Director and a Yoga Instructor.

Since then, Nicole has completed 300 additional YTT hours in Hatha and Vinyasa style yoga, an additional 50 hours in Yin Yoga training and an additional 200 hour Kundalini training again in India.

She currently works for another Ayahuasca center in Costa Rica and Peru as the Guest Experience Coordinator and has become trauma-informed under the tutelage of Aurianna Joy and Will Rezin in the teachings of Peter Levine.

While Nicole teaches yoga in various settings, for the past 10+ years she has continued to work with people integrating their psychedelic experiences using yoga, breath work and somatic practices. She believes that a regulated nervous system and softened body often fertile ground for the gifts and teachings received from psychedelics to truly bloom and be integrated into one’s daily life.

Advisory Team

Dr. Jenalyn Jotie



Dr. Jenalyn Jotie brings unique insights as a female Navy Veteran and experience as a highly accomplished clinician and researcher to the Flow Integrative advisory board.

She recently completed the 2020-2022 Optometric Research Fellowship through the VA Boston Healthcare System. Her research interests include binocular vision and neuro-ophthalmic disorders, with a specific focus on photosensitivity in mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). In addition to research activities, she provides direct neuro-optometric care and vision rehabilitation for veterans with brain injury.

Dr. Jotie serves as an assistant lab instructor for the Principles and Practice of Optometry courses and is currently a candidate in the Masters in Vision Science program at the New England College of Optometry.

After completing her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology at UCSD, she was one of three recipients in the nation to receive a 4-year full-tuition Naval optometric scholarship through the Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program. She earned her Doctor of Optometry from the Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry in 2012, and then served on Active Duty in the U.S. Navy as an optometrist and division officer from 2012-2017. She completed a residency in Brain Injury Vision Rehabilitation and Ocular Disease through the South Texas Veterans Healthcare System in San Antonio, TX.

Dr. Jotie is an American Academy of Optometry Fellow and is board certified through both the American Board of Optometry and the American Board of Certification in Medical Optometry. She is also a certified Neurogen Brain Balancing practitioner and is passionate about incorporating alternative and holistic healing therapies into the practice of eye care wellness. 


Master Gunnery Sergeant Gregory L. Gillispie retired after a distinguished 30-year career in the Marine Corps. The majority of Greg’s career was spent with the Marine Corps’ most elite units: Reconnaissance Battalions, Force Reconnaissance Companies, and other Special Operations Forces to include Naval Special Warfare command.

He was deployed overseas ten times with seven combat deployments in the Middle East. In 2007, Greg retired with multiple concussions, blast injuries, a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and severe PTSD symptoms. Five years of traditional medical treatments and countless prescriptions were of little help, and he continued to struggle with chronic pain and many PTSD symptoms, including debilitating migraines.

In 2012, Greg volunteered to be patient zero in a brain study utilizing Neurogen’s HPN technology to treat veterans with TBI’s. He received ten treatments over three weeks, after which Greg’s symptoms virtually disappeared. Before and after brain scans confirmed the effectiveness of the treatments.

Inspired by his own phenomenal response, Greg dedicated himself to bringing Neurogen HPN’s life-changing technology to his fellow veterans and in 2018, Greg co-founded Neurogen Brain Balancing with the express goal of helping combat veterans who have PTSD.

Gregory L. Gillispie


Chris Givant


Chris Givant R.Ph., Co-Founder and Chief Pharmacist of La Vita Compounding Pharmacy, has been a leader in her industry for over 20 years. She’s won numerous awards including being recognized by her peers with the nomination and receipt of the “Innovative Pharmacist of the Year” award presented by the California Pharmacist’s Association. The award recognizes her vast formulation experience helping thousands of patients and more specifically her R & D work that resulted in 2 patents issued for all liquid forms of the vitamin 5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid.     

Chris devotes much of her time to educating both doctors and patients. She is the lead presenter for La Vita’s popular “Wine Women and Hormones” series whose goal is to educate the general public on bio-identical hormones in a fun, informative manner. Chris is also credited with educating hundreds of practitioners on bio-identical hormones and healthy aging via La Vita’s “Hormones 101 and Hormones 102” informational series.  These well-attended seminars focus on educating prescribers who want to learn more about healthy aging, interpreting lab results and prescribing hormones in their practice. 

Chris is also Co-Founder of EpigeneticsRx, sits as a Scientific Advisor to Exocel Bio and is a contributing advisor to the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding’s formulation design task group.

Debra Hubers is a serial entrepreneur and has started  seven businesses; ranging from an advanced genomic support company to an employer healthcare purchasing cooperative. Deb has over 40 years of experience in healthcare finance, education, technology and pharmacogenomics.  

Ms. Hubers has dedicated her career to measuring and improving healthcare outcomes. Her expertise is leveraging technology to deliver personalized, preventative medicine. Ms. Hubers co-founded La Vita Compounding Pharmacy in 2007. Collaborating with her business partner, physicians and strategic partners, Deb has grown La Vita to be one of the most respected and sought after personalized medicine  providers on the west coast. She is also Co-Founder of EpigeneticsRx, a leading  provider of precise, personalized, prevention which positively impacts genetic expression.  

Deb has an undergraduate degree from Minnesota State University and a Masters of  Arts degree from the University of Northern Colorado. She taught at the University of Colorado, Denver University and Bastyr University San Diego. Ms. Hubers currently  serves on the Board of Trustees of Bastyr University and past Chair, Board of  Directors of the Kids Eco, a member of the Institute for Natural Medicine’s  Leadership Counsel and Advisor to Be HERD.

Debra Hubers


Ryan Roberts


Ryan’s role as an advisor to Flow Integrative® is based on treating various physical and psychological modalities using emerging medicine such as ketamine, MDMA, and psilocybin. His current advisory efforts are focused on  scale and operations. 

X Google, YouTube, Looker w/4prior exits. A successful track record, but his noble failures are far more interesting. 

Currently he works in real estate delivering $90M+ a month (over $200M in active debt & equity arrangements) in closed funding scenarios for Non-QM, Private Lending, & Commercial Mortgage across the United States, and B&C lending in Canada. Prior Windalert founder, product manager, and creator of Camrig Line Mounts, and WeatherFlow Wind Meter (remote sensing) for kiteboarding.

Brian Kleindienst has 20 years in sales roles within both startups and established companies, with a consistent track record of success in medical device sales and most recently in SaaS software. Beyond his individual sales performance, he has led internal efforts to uplift sales and marketing, including development of sales processes and tooling from the ground up in building sales teams and strategic partnerships in four successful C-round funded med-device start-up vertical spaces.

Brian enjoys the challenge of roles that enable him to problem solve and influence multiple areas of business. He is drawn to healthy organizations that are making an impact and achieving true balance through wellness, community, and psychedelic medicines (ketamine, MDMA, and psilocybin). Brian is also a psychedelic integration coach for people who are exploring self-optimization, healing, and personal transformation.

Brian Kleindienst


Liz Kost


A creative marketing professional with an entrepreneurial spirit, Liz Kost has a proven track record of launching and scaling startups. She possesses a solid business acumen with competencies in building effective content strategies, digital marketing, social media and fundraising. Liz is an accomplished, versatile and creative leader that knows how to collaborate with industry leaders to effectively align with and support key business initiatives. 

Prior to consulting, Liz founded a b2b design studio dedicated to branding and packaging where she built some of the most influential brands in California. Liz also created and successfully fundraised for a luxury beauty brand that achieved placement in retailers like Fred Segal and Saks Salon in NY. Her work has been featured in several nationwide Podcasts and publications. 

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