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Meet the Team

Christi is the Founder and CEO of Flow Integrative Ketamine

Christi Myers

M.S., EMT-P, CEO, Director, Founder

Christi Myers holds a Bachelor of Science degree in public safety and a Master of Science degree in leadership.

Her career began in 1999 and includes serving several agencies from the Department of Defense, American Medical Response, Life Flights, San Bernardino County Fire and Sheriff Department, and the Department of Justice. Throughout her early career as a paramedic, she concurrently taught as an adjunct faculty member for the emergency medical services program at Victor Valley College. She was elevated to assistant professor of emergency medicine, earning tenure in 2019, and is the assistant director of emergency medical services.

In her role with the Paramedic/EMS Advisory Committee, she has developed programs such as an accelerated hybrid paramedic program that incorporates the shift-based needs of full-time working firefighters to the successful completion of the paramedic program; creation of EMS high fidelity simulation; creation of distance education online paramedic program and virtual skills.

She understands firsthand the unique, invisible, and cumulative toll of witnessing indirect human trauma as demanded of emergency response personnel daily and the few methods of support available for the well-being of these professionals.


Lauren Kroeber supports the Flow Integrative staff in an administrative and scheduling role. Her background is a varied adventure, from which she pulls skills, tact and pieces of intellect to support the vision of planetary consciousness healing.

She received her Bachelor’s in Journalism from Arizona State University and uses her writing craft and passion for storytelling to weave the digital creative of Flow and its mission for friends and followers.  Her administrative background supporting a traditional Western Psychiatry practice taught her deep lessons about holding space and supporting mental health clients wherever they may be along their journey.  Through that experience her passion for alternative methods of mental healthcare was further cemented. 

She is currently working to obtain her Master’s in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling from Naropa University.

Lauren Kroeber

Admin & Scheduling

Ashli Bryant (LPCC)


Ashli Bryant (LPCC) received her Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University in 2010.  She has been working in crisis intervention settings for the past 11 years and came to Flow Integrative from the Emergency Room at Palomar Hospital.

Through her experience in the traditional medical based models she prioritizes guiding her clients down the path to wholeness through the practices of healing and integrating all parts. Her processes include shadow work, healing parental and childhood attachment wounds, ego dissolution, and reprogramming belief systems.

At Flow, Ashli helps individuals through the preparation and integration phases with psychedelic medicines, spiritual growth,  crisis emergence and healing. Ashli uses a variety of therapeutic approaches that take into account mind, body and spirit.  Her tools include energy medicine, embodiment, visualization, journaling and breathwork. 

“Our biggest moments of crisis, when worked with appropriately, are our greatest sources of personal growth and transformation,” she states, “I often challenge the medical model paradigm, & instead help clients recognize and tap into the innate healing potential and wisdom that each person possesses within.”

Dr. Stroh graduated from the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California medical school. He is board-certified in emergency medicine, and brings more than 30 years of experience serving hospitals in Southern California to Flow Integrative Ketamine. He currently practices at Palmdale Regional Medical Center (PRMC) and is the Department Chairmen for Emergency Medicine.

He serves as a member of the medical executive committee serving PRMC, which acts as a representative of the medical staff. The committee proposes change and enacts policies, procedures, and other items in an effort to improve patient care and medical staff structure. Through his career in the emergency room and working in conjunction with emergency responders, police, fire, and paramedics, he has a genuine understanding of the unique stresses they experience on the day-to-day job and has become involved as a consultant medical director for the California City Police and Fire Department.

John Stroh is a doctor and partner at Flow Integrative Ketamine

Dr. John Stroh

Chief Medical Director

Dr. John How

Medical Director

John How, MD, a board-certified emergency medicine physician with over a decade of experience in the emergency department, now welcomes patients at The How Clinic in Encinitas, California. He specializes in treating an array of musculoskeletal and mental health conditions, with a special interest in healing the physical and mental problems that develop in people who work or live in high-stress jobs and environments.

As an emergency medicine provider, Dr. How shares a deep connection with others who thrive in high-stress environments. Emergency room doctors and nurses, EMS, first responders, athletes, and members of the military all share a bond defined by an intense approach to the way they live, work, and play. Everyone in these professions finds great fulfillment in their high-stress way of life. But they also face physical and mental challenges as a result of their passion.

Dr. How’s first-hand and medical experience with the health problems that develop from repeated exposure to stress motivated him to open The How Clinic. His goal is to provide effective therapies that help his patients find balance and heal from their physical, mental, and emotional stress, so they can stay active in their work and life activities.


Dr. How received his medical degree at Loma Linda University School of Medicine in Loma Linda, California. From there, he completed a residency in emergency medicine at Ascension St. John Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.
For much of his career, Dr. How has been fascinated with the power of modern ultrasound to diagnose and guide treatment for many different conditions. This passion leads him to regularly travel, seeking out thought leaders and mentors who share his enthusiasm.

Through extensive training with doctors in a broad range of specialties, Dr. How developed exceptional skills in precision ultrasound-guided interventions for conditions ranging from peripheral nerve entrapment to tears and overuse injuries of soft tissues. He has also trained and continues to work with pioneers in the use of ultrasound-guided injections to treat PTSD.

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