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We Are On A Mission To Expedite Health Plan Coverage For Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy.

The psychedelic healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving and Flow Integrative Ketamine is excited to be partnered with one of the most promising trailblazers.

Of the many questions the novel infrastructure of psychedelic wellness poses, one on nearly everyone’s mind is: is affordable care possible for everyone?

Enter Enthea – a not-for-profit benefit plan administrator working to facilitate psychedelic healthcare coverage from an insurance standpoint.

“Enthea’s mission is exceptionally, critically important to what we are doing,” said Rick Doblin, the founder and executive director of MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic
Studies), in a statement.

A message from Rick Doblin, Founder of MAPS

Flow Integrative® has the honor of partnering with Enthea as the pilot clinic for their inaugural employer-sponsored benefit program.

We Are On A Mission To Expedite Health Plan Coverage For Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy.

Paid for 100% by the employer, Enthea and Flow Integrative® work in tandem to provide Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy to qualifying employees. Eligibility is determined by clinical diagnostic and medical clearance sessions, to ensure treatment is safe and appropriate.

Treatment is individualized but will tend to follow one of a number of protocols developed through clinical trials and identified to have the highest efficacy. All treatment plans include one on one sessions with a licensed therapist following medicine administration for processing and integration, a crucial piece to the therapeutic benefits of Ketamine administration.

Through the short time, the pilot has been live, Flow Integrative® has treated patients in a range of diagnoses and severity, and has seen a great deal of healing and enlightenment come forth.

From Major Depressive Disorder to Generalized Anxiety, to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy is unique in that it works to reveal and release the root cause of the suffering, in lieu of focusing solely on alleviating the symptoms.

Flow Integrative® supports and envisions Psychedelic Health Insurance as a benefit for all employees in the future landscape of healthcare. However, its implementation is still forthcoming for most. For that reason and others, Flow Integrative® offers treatment financing through Advance Care and accepts HSA benefit cards.

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Brings Hope

80% of patients with cancer and anxiety/depression symptoms reported increased well-being/life satisfaction in a study on psilocybin-assisted therapy.

LSD, DMT and other psychedelics are also showing positive effects for people with addiction, trauma, and eating disorders when used as part of psychedelic-assisted therapy sessions.

At one ketamine clinic, between 75% and 80% of patients with depression felt better after ketamine-assisted therapy.

In an MDMA-assisted therapy study, 68% of people with PTSD no longer met the criteria for PTSD at a 12-month follow-up.

Psilocybin-assisted therapy sessions with a smoking cessation study resulted in 80% successful abstinence compared to 10-20% with other interventions.

Who We Help

We have undertaken the mission of expediting health insurance coverage for psychedelic therapies. We hold practitioner wellbeing and equitable access to psychedelic healthcare as central, guiding tenets to our mission and vision. Enthea will be on the cutting edge of providing access and affordability of PAT. In so doing, we will pave the way for other companies to follow, putting infrastructure in place for them to leverage.

For more information visit www.Enthea.com or contact Flow Integrative® today.

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