What to Expect Series – Post Treatment Care

Congratulations on your healing journey. You have successfully completed Flow Integrative’s onboarding process as well as prepared for and completed your first Ketamine Infusion session. Stay buckled in though. There are a few post-infusion care recommendations that will help to cushion your landing and amplify your results.

After your infusion and before you leave the clinic, you will be given a window to adjust and will be steady on your feet. You will not be able to drive or operate heavy equipment (right away) so you will need to arrange for a designated driver. Ride shares like Uber and Lyft will work too. Once you arrive home you may be sensitive to noise or bright light, so it’s best to avoid parties or concerts. The goal is to take it easy for the next 8-10 hours. It’s common to temporarily feel tired or foggy directly following your infusion so you may not want to return immediately to work and avoid making any major life decisions. If you feel nauseous, lay down flat in a dark room for relief. We recommend ginger as a natural intervention.

Be conscious of what you put into your body for a few days following treatment. Avoid alcohol, sedatives, and psychoactive drugs as they may counteract the benefits of Ketamine which will stay in your system up to three days. Resume your medications as normal unless instructed by your physician.

Hydrate with clear liquids and eat good foods to replenish your nutrients. Ketamine causes new neural connections to form and your mind is going to be experiencing growth so we recommend nourishing it with brain foods high in omega-3 or culinary mushrooms. Studies are starting to show that select culinary mushrooms like Lions Mane have neurotrophic properties that promote healthy brain growth. Magnesium also enhances the results of Ketamine because of its ability to alleviate depression and anxiety. Dark chocolate, nuts, legumes and dark leafy vegetables are all foods rich in magnesium.

As soon as you arrive home and prior to getting some rest, we recommend writing down your experience in a journal. After you have had some sleep your memories may not be as sharp as they are directly after treatment and you will want to capture the details to reflect upon during integration. Try to recall everything from colors to geometric patterns, sounds, smells, and emotions. Keep your journal close to your side over the next few days and write down any new thoughts or feelings that may bubble up. You may find yourself thinking of things in a new way or reacting differently to daily stresses. Your journal is a great discussion tool for you to use during your integration sessions with your therapist. It’s also helpful to express your feelings on paper as a way to fully digest and flush out the experience and then have it to reflect upon after your next treatments.

Getting a good night’s sleep is recommended to post-infusion care. During sleep the synapsis of our brain’s shrink and reset. There are even certain genes associated with restoration that are only activated by sleep. During your infusion your body processes a lot of thoughts and emotions. Sleep is the key that will allow your mind and body time to fully integrate and reset. It is possible you may not be in the mood to sleep after your infusion. You may be anxious or agitated if old memories were stirred up. Or you may feel mystified and excited having traveled the galaxy. Journaling will help to get some of that out. Also, a warm shower, soft music and light meditation in a dark room will all help to calm your nerves before you drift off to sleep.

It’s important to remember to be kind to yourself. For several days after an infusion you may be sensitive to emotions, agitated or withdrawn. It’s ok. This is all part of the healing process. Take the time to do things that you love. Be in nature, create art, listen to music or just be with those who love and support you. Connecting with others is a great way to augment your treatments. If you like to workout try a group Yoga class. If you like to sing, join a choir or maybe take up something you’ve never tried before like surfing or learning another language! Now is the time to cultivate wondrous new things.

Lastly, take time to practice mindfulness, which is simply being aware of where you are, how you feel and what you are doing in the moment. Think of it as a check-in or a way to create space for yourself. Being mindful increases your ability to regulate emotions and gives you a break from negative ruminations. It also decreases stress and anxiety. Mindfulness involves meditation or it can be as simple as pausing from your day to breath and assess your physical and emotional state. Outside of meditation, here are 24 ways to practice mindfulness in your everyday.

After your infusions please don’t hesitate to contact our clinic with any questions or concerns that may arise. We are here to help you on your journey and are available when you need us.  

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