What to Expect Series – Preparing for your Infusion

Greetings. This is the second post of our KIT – What to Expect series. In our first post, we took you through Flow Integrative’s simple 3-step onboarding process . Today, we will be guiding you through recommended preparations for your Ketamine infusions. You are about to begin your healing journey, and like all journeys, there are some physical and mental preparations that need to take place.

Prior to your first medicine session, it’s important to establish your support system. Discuss your Ketamine treatments with a supportive friend or family member and enlist them to be your helper. After your sessions you won’t be able to operate a vehicle so you will need reliable transportation to and from our clinic. Ride shares like Uber and Lyft will work too, as you’ll have a window to land after your infusion and will be steady on your feet before you leave the clinic. However, some clients find it helpful to enlist a friend to check in with once they arrive home. Make sure your treatment dates work around your friend’s schedule as well as your own.

If you haven’t already, it is also recommended that you discuss your upcoming treatments with your current mental health team. Bear in mind however, that there is still some stigma around Ketamine Infusion Therapy as a form of healing, and not all Western Medical practitioners are open-minded about its effectiveness. If their feedback is negative, dig in to do your own research both externally and within yourself. Be sure to advocate for yourself and ask them for the justification behind their reservations. If you have someone like a talk therapist or EMDR specialist that you see regularly, let them know about the treatments you are about to undergo so they can help optimize your Ketamine experience.

Cleansing body and mind is your next preparation goal. Leading up to your days of treatment give your body a 24-hour detox. Ketamine has mind-altering effects, so you want to rid your body of other mind-altering substances such as alcohol, caffeine, and psychedelics. Continue to take your current medications unless instructed by your medical doctor. It is important that you disclose all your current medications to Flow Integrative’s medical staff during the onboarding process.

Cleanse your mind through meditation. Spend a few minutes a day in a quite space to think about why you are about to undergo Ketamine Infusion Therapy. What do you hope to achieve from the sessions? How do you envision your life after treatment and what are you trying to heal? After meditation, set an intention for your first Ketamine infusion session. An intention is a one-to-two-word statement that expresses what you wish to accomplish. It will act as your guiding light during treatment. Examples of intentions are gratitude, peace, or self-acceptance. An intention of being open to receive is completely valid if nothing comes to mind. Don’t put extra pressure on yourself if this step does not resonate with you. If you are open to it, and would just like some guidance, Deepak Chopra offers these 5 Steps to Setting Powerful Intentions.

The night before your treatment sessions get a restful night’s sleep. Go to bed at a good time and try to avoid violent television or music. The goal is to create a positive mindset, which is how you feel physically, mentally, and socially prior to a psychedelic experience. Ketamine can amplify your mood and emotions. If you are in a negative state of mind or physically exhausted, it could affect the course of your journey or reduce the efficacy of the medicine.

The day of your treatment sessions we recommend you fast 2 hours before your infusion. We want your body to focus all its energy on your mind and not the contents of your belly. That being said, arriving at your session feeling “hangry” won’t benefit you or your care team.  A light snack from the Earth, such as fruit and/or nuts is perfectly reasonable. We encourage you to drink plenty of water. Bring a water bottle with you to your sessions as you may feel thirsty after. Wear comfortable clothing and a shirt that rolls up past the elbow to allow for your IV placement. The clinic may be cold, and Ketamine lowers your body temperature so bring some comfy layers to throw on. As discussed earlier, mindset is very important so allow plenty of time to get to your appointment. You don’t want to go into a Ketamine session feeling flustered or frustrated. Aim to arrive a couple minutes early so you have time to settle in before you drop in.

Whew! That was a lot of preparations, but each is important for having your best experience. Below is a handy checklist that summarizes our recommended preparations:

  • Rally your support system and find a designated driver.
  • Cleanse your body.
  • Meditate and set an intention.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • 2-hour fast.
  • Comfy, loose clothing.
  • Arrive early.

Follow this checklist and you will be all set for your first Ketamine infusion session. If any questions about Ketamine or your session come up during your preparations, please reach out to a Flow Integrative staff member. We are here as part of your support system. 

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